Our Philosophy


fresh goodness can’t last forever

Did you know that jarred baby food can sit on a store shelf for up to 2 years before it makes it to your baby’s belly?

Long shelf-life foods are processed with extended high-heat exposure, which can destroy vital nutrients and deplete the food of its natural taste and vibrant color.


wholesome nutrients

Our fresh organic meals are prepared by hand in small batches, and simmered slowly to retain the maximum amount of wholesome nutrients that your child needs. No high-heat processing in our kitchen!

Learn more about what your child needs by downloading these nutritional guides:

Baby’s First Bites (6-8 months)Tastes and Textures (8-10 months)Finger Food Fun (10-12 months)Toddlerhood (1-3 years)

Essential Nutrients for Healthy BabiesAllergies and Foods to Avoid

fresh taste

Did you know that lifelong eating habits are established during your baby’s first 3 years?

At pomme bébé, our gently cooked organic meals taste like real fruits and veggies. Help your baby develop a love for nutritious fresh food from the very first bite, and watch it last a lifetime.

true colors

All baby food is not created equal. Just look at the difference between the vibrant, inviting colors of our cuisine, compared to jarred brands on grocery shelves.

Which would you rather eat?

At pomme bébé, our fresh organic meals for babies and toddlers need to be refrigerated and consumed within 3 days of purchase. You can also lock-in the freshness by freezing the meals for up to 2 months.

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