At pomme bébé, we enable busy families to raise healthy, happy children…naturally! Our name reflects our commitment to the Earth, and its rich natural resources that allow our children to thrive.

pomme \PAHM\

n. [F, fr. MF apple] : a round fruit, usually with a red or green skin, which can be eaten

bébé \bay-BAY\

n. [F, fr. MF baby] : an infant or very young child




“An apple a day…” well, you know the rest, and so do we. Our mission at pomme bébé is to provide busy parents with the opportunity to nourish their growing children with the most nutritious, healthy, and flavorful food possible. We specialize in purely organic, freshly-cooked, homemade meals for babies and toddlers.


Your children are the “apples of your eyes,” and we understand they are the most precious beings that have ever entered your life—we’re parents too! We are here to help you nourish and nurture your family, even while living a busy and active lifestyle.


The apple also represents “the richness of our planet, Earth.” As parents, we all have the responsibility to create a tomorrow that is better than today. A cleaner, healthier planet begins with every choice we make. That’s why pomme bébé is committed to organic, sustainable farming methods, as well as environmentally-conscious design and cooking processes. Our logo is green for a reason.

Together, we really are making a difference…one delicious spoonful at a time!

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meet the founder

pomme bébé was founded by Svetla Lazarova Kibota, a native of the beautiful Bulgarian countryside. Raised on freshly prepared meals made of homegrown ingredients, Svetla has lived a life immersed in wholesome nutrition and simple pleasures.

Though the word organic did not exist in Bulgaria, she and her family lived its meaning every day—growing fresh fruits and vegetables with centuries-old farming techniques, that use no chemicals nor pesticides.

Three generations later, Svetla’s commitment to these traditions continues. After a life journey that included three continents (Europe, Africa, and North America), she ultimately made her home in beautiful Southern California. Since a natural, wholesome way of living is all she’s known, it was only natural that choosing organic, homemade foods became even more important, once she had a family and daughter of her own.

Today, Svetla is proud to bring flavorful, nutritious, and convenient meal-options to busy families who want only the best for their children. Her recipes are woven with the exotic flavors and healthy ingredients that she has learned from her travels. Svetla can frequently be found handing out samples at the bébé-bar™, or in the pomme bébé kitchen, where pure, organic meals are made in small batches, simmered slowly, and lovingly prepared—just as her mother and grandmother once did.

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meet the chef

Executive Chef Laurent Brazier is an award-winning culinary connoisseur, who brings more than 22 years of experience to pomme bébé.

A master chef who specializes in fine dining, Chef Brazier prepares pomme bébé purées and meals using the same finely-honed techniques and skills he has mastered in his own Zagat-rated, French-inspired restaurant—minus the brandy, of course.

When he is not busy creating delicious, wholesome recipes for pomme bébé, Chef Brazier shares his vast culinary knowledge as Executive Chef Instructor for the Laguna Culinary Arts’ Professional Chef Program.

Chef Brazier earned his Chef Bachelor and Chef Masters Degrees from the widely recognized Jean Ferrandi Chef School in Paris, France.

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